Summer Shadow Matching Clip Cards (Printable PDF)

Summer Shadow matching Clip cards for preschool and kindergarten - visual discrimination

Get ready to bring the radiant energy of summer indoors with our Summer Shadow Matching Clip Cards!

Your little ones will adore this sun-soaked activity designed to enhance their cognitive and motor skills. Each card presents a bright, cheerful summer image along with three shadow options. The challenge? Pin the clothespin to the shadow that matches the main image perfectly!

Although it may seem like just a fun matching game to pass some time, shadow matching is actually a great way for children to improve their visual discrimination skills. This is the ability to be able to tell the difference between different shapes, objects or symbols.

And this skill is an extremely important one when it comes to being able to read. When you think about it, the basis of letter recognition is being able to tell different letters apart from each other and remembering what their shapes look like.

A brilliant thing about shadow matching is that it takes away any color or pattern clues so children have to focus on the outline of the shape – just like they have to when reading letters.

There’s 10 summer clip cards in the pack.

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What Skills Can Your Little Ones Learn?

Preschool summer activity - kindergarten summer shadow matching printable clip cards

With this summer shadow matching game your little ones can develop:

  • Visual Discrimination skills– the ability to notice differences between objects and symbols. Your kids will have to look closely at the shapes to make the correct pairings!
  • Fine motor skills – they will have to be able to pick up and squeeze the pegs and align it it with the correct shadow whilst holding the card
  • Hand Strength – squeezing those pegs is great for developing hand and finger strength
  • Speech and language skills – If you make sure you are getting them to talk about what they can see when they are matching. It’s a good chance to get them to describe what they can see. What shapes can you see? Do you know anything else that’s that shape?
  • Shape and pattern – shape and pattern recognition are important early math skills.
  • Patience and persistence – They’ll have to carry on even if they find it tricky at first.

Who’d have thought such a simple game can help your children develop so many skills – that’s the power of play!

How To Prepare These Summer Shadow Matching Clip Cards

Firstly, you’ll need to download the cards by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.

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Then, print them out on to paper or card.

Next, cut them out.

Once they’re all cut out, I’d strongly advise laminating them to keep them looking nice and so your little learners can use them again and so they are strong enough for the pegs to clip to without ripping them.

After that you’re all done!

Just grab some clothespins, spread the cards out on a table and see if your children can match the summer objects to the correct shadow!


Summer matching game for toddlers and preschool

Some Tips to get Some Extra Language Development In

I mentioned above that these kinds of matching games can be great for language development as well as improving visual discrimination skills.

Talking about what they can see while they’re playing is always great.

Ask them to think about the colors. What colors can you see? What else in the room is that color? Do you know any animals that have that color on them somewhere?

Ask them about the shapes. What shapes are the summery things made up of? What shapes can you see in the shadows? What else do you know that is that shape?

Talking about shapes can be great to enhance their early math skills as well!

Which object do you think would be the biggest? Which one is your favorite and why? – There’s loads you can ask them…

This kind of questioning will keep them engaged and make them think more about what they are doing. It’s also awesome for language development as you ask them to describe the objects.

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this summer shadow matching game!

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Summer matching game for preschool and kindergarten

Download the Summer Matching Game

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