St Patrick’s Day Roll and Cover Worksheets For Kindergarten and First Grade

St Patrick's Day roll and cover worksheet for kindergarten and first grade - printable math worksheet

Here’s some super St Patrick’s Day roll and cover worksheets for your little learners to practice their early math skills.

Your little learners will need to carefully count (or subitize) the pips on the dice, then cover the correct lucky coin!

There’s a one die version with numbers up to six. For this one they’ll need super counting skills as well as number recognition.

You can use any counters you like but I’ve included a sheet of lucky golden coins which would be great to use for a little leprechaun flavor!

And I’ve also made a two dice version – where they’ll need to count the pips on each die and then add them together to find the total before covering. 

Addition is a crucial skill for children to learn and one they’ll obviously use a lot as they grow! 

And if you think they might enjoy a little more St Patrick’s Day themed math, you could also try these:

What Skills Can Your Little Ones Learn And Develop?

St Paddy's day roll, count and add worksheet for kids - kindergarten dice worksheet with leprechaun theme

This St Patrick’s Day dice worksheet is designed to help your children practice and develop some early skills, such as:

  • One to one correspondence – this important skill (trickier than you may think) is the ability to only touch and count an object of a set once.
  • Adding – adding two amounts together to find the total
  • Subitizing – the ability to to quickly recognize, by looking at a group of things, how many there are
  • Number recognition – they’ll need to be able to recognize the numbers to make sure they’re covering the right coin
  • Hand-eye coordination – to be able to understand what they are seeing and get their hands to go where they want them to go


How To Prepare These St Patrick’s Day Roll and Cover Worksheets

First you’re going to want to choose which version you want and download the St Paddy’s math worksheet by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.

Don’t forget the lucky leprechaun coins if you want to use them to cover!

Then print them off!

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I’ve made a one die version – where there’s no adding involved just counting or subitizing:

St Patrick's Day dice worksheet for kids - simple roll and cover

And a two dice version where they’ll have to count or subitize both dice, then add them together to find the total and cover that number:

St Patrick's day roll and cover. 2 dice addition sheet

Then that’s pretty much it – just print off, grab some counters and dice and they’re good to go! Their goal is to carefully count the pips on the dice (or subitize!), add them together to find the total and cover the correct lucky coin!

Remind them to only count each pip once and that the last number they say is the total.

Gently encourage them if they find it a little tricky at first – learning all these new skills takes time!

St Patricks Day kindergarten dice math Worksheet - printable roll and count worksheet for kids

Download the St Patrick's Day Roll and Cover Worksheets

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