Shortest to Tallest Monsters (Halloween Height Sorting Worksheets)

Shortest to tallest monsters - Halloween height sorting worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

Get ready for Halloween with this shortest to tallest monsters worksheet!

Help your little learners develop their understanding of height, practice sequencing, and tune those fine motor skills. 

This Halloween measurement activity is simple to prepare – just print off and grab some scissors and glue. And there’s a black and white version if they want to do a little coloring as well!

I hope they enjoy it!

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What Skills Can Your Little Ones Learn?


Shortest to tallest monsters - height sorting worksheet for kindergarten and first grade halloween


With this shortest to tallest monster sheet, there’s quite a lot of skills your little ones can practice:

  • Understanding of height – understanding the concept of height – an essential math skill for early learners.
  • Visual discrimination skills – the ability to notice differences between the heights of the monsters
  • Sequencing Skills – grasping the idea of ordering from shortest to tallest is a fundamental step towards understanding sequences.
  • Fine motor skills – as they cut out the monsters, and hand-eye coordination and hand control as they ensure they are sticking them on the correct space on the sheet.
  • Problem solving – Making decisions about which monster is taller or shorter and determining where they should go in the sequence
  • Speech and language skills – talking about height comparisons helps children expand their vocabulary. They learn and begin to understand terms like taller, shorter, tallest, shortest, and so on.
  • Patience and persistence – They’ll have to carry on even if they find it tricky at first.

Who’d have thought such a simple game can help your children develop so many skills – that’s the power of play!


How To Prepare This Monster Height Sorting Worksheet


Black and white Shortest to tallest monsters - height sorting worksheet for kindergarten and first grade halloween

Firstly, download the worksheet by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.


Choose either the color of the black and white page and print it.

That’s pretty much it, just grab some scissors and glue and see if you little ones can carefully cut out the monsters them stick them in order of shortest tallest.


Have fun!


Cut and stick Halloween height sorting worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

Download the Shortest to Tallest Monsters Worksheet

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