Rainy Day Number Tracing, Counting and Coloring Worksheet

Raindrop Counting, coloring and number tracing worksheets for preschool - printable number tracing page for kindergarten

Well it’s raining again so why not make the most of it and count those raindrops with this rainy day number tracing and counting worksheet? It’s a great way for your children to practice their number formation and counting skills.

As well as improving their number formation and counting skills, pencil control and fine motor skills, practicing writing the numbers is also a really great way to strengthen their number recognition skills as well. And as they have the visual representation of the number in the form of the raindrops below the clouds – they will also be developing their number sense as they associate the written numeral with the amount of raindrops.

This activity is super easy to prepare, simply print it off, give them a pencil or some crayons and encourage them to count the raindrops and carefully trace over the numbers in the clouds – then when they’ve finished, they get to color them all in!

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If you’re ever unsure about a word that I or your kid’s teachers use you may want to check out (and download a free copy of) my helpful parent’s guide to the words teachers say.

What Skills Can Your Little Ones Learn And Develop?

raindrop counting and Number tracing page (preschool and kindergarten download in pdf)

This number tracing printable is designed to help your children practice and develop their prewriting skills, such as:

  • Hand-eye coordination – to be able to understand what they are seeing and get their hands to go where they want them to go
  • Hand and finger strength – the ability to be able to apply enough pressure to make marks on the page and hold the pencil firmly
  • Hand dominance – developing and strengthening the skill of one of their hands
  • One to one correspondence – this important skill (trickier than you may think) is the ability to only touch and count an object of a set once.
  • Number formation – understanding what the numbers look like and how to form them
  • Counting skills – they’ll have to count the raindrops carefully
  • Pencil control – holding the pencil correctly to allow for a fluid range of movement

These are all vital fine motor skills that will enable them to become great writers in the future!

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How To Prepare This Rainy Day Number Tracing and Counting Worksheet

First you’re going to want to download the weather themed worksheet by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.

Then print it off!

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That’s pretty much it for this one – just print them off, grab some pencils, pens or crayons and they’re good to go! Their goal is to count the raindrops and trace over the numbers as carefully as possible and when they’re done, they can color in the picture.

Gently encourage them if they find it a little tricky at first – learning all these new skills takes time!

If you want your children to be able to use these number tracing worksheets again and again, then laminating them and using a white board pen would be a great idea (whiteboard pens are also a little chunkier so can be easier for them to hold). Practice makes perfect!

printable number tracing and counting sheet for preschool and kindergarten pdf

Download the Rainy Day Number Tracing and Counting Page

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