Beautiful Weather Matching Worksheets (Kindergarten Weather Activity)

Beautiful weather matching worksheets for kindergarten and preschool


A few weeks ago I released a set of lovely weather flashcards to help teach your little learners all about the world’s wonderful weather. To help improve their knowledge of the weather words even more, you may also want to use these lovely weather matching worksheets!

There’s a color and a black and white worksheet in the pack, so you can save some ink if you want and let your children color in the pictures!

Want some more weather related activities? You can discover more weather printables here!

printable kindergarten weather matching worksheets for kindergarten beautiful design


How To Prepare These Printable Weather Matching worksheets


First you’re going to want to download the worksheets by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page, then simply grab some pencils or crayons and see if they can read the words and carefully draw a line to the correct pictures (I’m sure you could have worked that out).

And if you feel they may need a little help, as the words can be quite difficult for new readers, you may want to also grab this set of weather flashcards.

That’s it, your little learners are ready to learn more about the weather. Hooray!

printable weather worksheets for kids in pdf download


Download the Weather Matching Worksheets

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