Printable Superhero Counting Game – Kindergarten Number Matching

Printable Superhero Counting game for kindergarten and preschoolers - cute math game pre-k number matching

This simple superhero counting game could be a great addition to your collection of math activities for any super little hero fans out there!

Your little ones will need to carefully count the amount of superheroes and then use their number recognition skills to identify the matching number card.

And let’s face it, children love to count! It’s one of the main preschool math skills and an essential skill for them to develop!

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What Skills Can Your Children Learn And Practice?

Printable superhero counting game for preschool and kindergarten - hands on math activity with a superhero theme

When playing this math game, your children will have the chance to practice and develop skills such as:

  • Counting skills – they’ll have to count the superheroes carefully to ensure they are matching it to the correct number card
  • Number recognition – they’ll need to be able to recognize the numbers to match them up correctly
  • One to one correspondence – this important skill (trickier than you may think) is the ability to only touch and count an object of a set once
  • Fine motor skills – they will have to use a good pincer grip to pick up the cards
  • Hand-eye coordination – to ensure they can move and place the cards together

How To Prepare This Superhero Counting Game

This one’s pretty straight forward!

First you’re going to want to download the game by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.

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Once you’ve downloaded them, you’ll need to print the pages off onto paper or card.

Then, you can cut them out.

Once they’re all cut out, I’d strongly advise laminating them to keep them looking nice and so your little ones can play the game again.

After that you’re all done!

Your children are ready to start counting the heroes and practicing some key early math skills while their at it!

Cute superhero counting game for preschool and kindergarten - printable hands on math activity

Grab the Superhero Math Game

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