Printable 2D shape Flashcards (For kindergarten and Preschool)

printable 2D shapes flashcards for kindergarten preschool and toddlers - pentagon, circle, square, parallelogram

Want to start to teach your little learners the shapes? Well here’s a colorful set of printable 2D shape flashcards, with the shape names, which you can use to help get them started.

Learning about shapes and geometry are fundamental early math skills.

These cards can help children begin to understand what the different shapes look like and what properties they have.

A knowledge of shapes helps children to understand objects and how things are put together in the world around them and give them a better knowledge of geometry.

This pack contains 18 of the most common 2D shape flashcards.

The shapes included are:

  • square
  • circle
  • triangle
  • rectangle
  • star
  • kite
  • oval
  • parallelogram
  • heart
  • crescent
  • rhombus
  • trapezoid
  • pentagon
  • hexagon
  • heptagon
  • octagon
  • nonagon
  • decagon
2d shape flash cards poster for kindergarten and preschool

How To Prepare These Printable 2D Shape Flashcards

First you’re going to want to download the make a flashcards by clicking on the ‘click here for free printables’ image at the bottom of the page.

printable kindergarten 2D shape flashcards for preschool with 2d shape examples

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After that, you’ll need to carefully cut them out.

There’s 18 different 2D shape flashcards included.

Then I’d advise laminating them to keep them nice so you can reuse them.

Here’s an affordable laminator if you don’t have one:

An affordable and reliable laminator

That’s it, your little learners are ready to start practicing learning their shapes.

square flashcard - printable shape flashcards for preschoolers

Grab the printable 2D Shape Flashcards

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You can also check out the other free printables that are already available here.

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Let’s nurture those neurons!

printable 2D shapes flashcards for kindergarten preschool and toddlers - pentagon, circle, square, parallelogram

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