Heart Missing Number Worksheet 1-10 (Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Printable)

Heart missing number worksheet for kindergarten - printable Valentine's Day math sheet for preschool

As Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and love is most definitely in the air, here is a simple heart missing number worksheet (1-10) to add to your collection of math games and activities. Can your little learners use their knowledge of number order fill in the correct number on the hearts?

And this sheet is super easy to prepare (just print off and grab some pens) and can help your children develop those important number formation and ordering skills.

And if you want to take the learning to the next level you could always get them to explain their reasoning behind why they think that three must come next, for example, ‘the sheet is counting in ones and I know that when I count in ones, three comes after two and before four’. Getting your children to articulate their thought process can really help to solidify their learning!

So why not grab this lovely kindergarten math worksheet and help nurture their little mathematical minds?

You can find a version to 20 here and if you’re looking for ways to also help improve your child’s counting skills you may also want to check out these cool printable counting activities.

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What Skills Can Your Children Learn And Practice?

Heart missing numbers worksheet 1-10 (preschool and kindergarten Valentine's Day pdf)

When using this missing number worksheet, your children will have the chance to practice and develop some early math skills such as:

  • Number recognition – the ability to recognize a number in its written form
  • Number formation – the ability to write the numbers correctly
  • Number sequencing – the ability to understand the sequence of numbers, and be able to put them in the correct order

How To Prepare This Heart Missing Number Worksheet 1-10

This one’s pretty straight forward!

First you’re going to want to download the sheet by clicking on the download button at the bottom of the page.

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Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need to print it off onto paper and grab some pens or pencils – simple!

After that you’re all done!

Your children are ready to practice their number formation and ordering skills from 1-10.


Valentine's day missing number worksheet 1-10

Download the Missing Number Worksheet (1-10)

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