Frog Math Game (Free Printable)

Frog Math Game for Preschoolers and kindergarten

Everyone knows that frogs love to eat flies – right? Well it turns out that some are actually a bit particular about the amount of flies they want to eat. Who’d have known? In this frog math game your little ones will need to help out their froggy friends by catching the right number of flies for them and placing them next to frogs on their lily pad.

To play this sweet, frog math game, your children will need look closely at the number on the frogs’ bellies then carefully count out and move the correct number of flies for them.

It provides a great opportunity for your little ones to develop their counting and number recognition skills.

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What Math Skills Can Your Children Learn And Practice?

Counting Game for Preschoolers. Frog math game to help kindergarten children develop their number skills

When playing this frog math game, your children will have the chance to practice and develop some early math skills such as:

  • Counting skills – they’ll have to count the flies carefully to ensure they are catching the correct amount for the frog
  • Number recognition – they’ll need to be able to recognize the numbers on the frogs’ bellies in order to know how many flies that frog wants
  • One to one correspondence – this important skill (trickier than you may think) is the ability to only touch and count an object of a set once.
  • Number Sense – your children will get a better idea of the relationship between the written numerals and amounts as well as improving their understanding of more and less.
  • Number Order – If you get them to do the number ordering activity I mention below, they’ll have a chance to practice ordering the numbers from 1 – 10

This cute math game will also give them a chance to practice their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they’ll have to pick up the flies and place them carefully on the lily pad to make sure they all fit.

The game contains 10 numbered frog cards cards (numbers 1-10), 10 flies and 1 large lily pad.

How To Prepare This Frog Math Game

First you’re going to want to download the game by clicking on the image below:


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Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need to print it off onto paper or card.

Then, you can cut the pieces out.

I’ve made enough flies but you can always print out that page a few times if you want more.

Once they’re all cut out, I’d strongly advise laminating them to keep them nice.

If you don’t have a laminator at home here’s an affordable and reliable one (definitely worth investing in if you plan to make a lot of printables!):

An affordable and reliable laminator

After that you’re all done!

Let your kids practice their math skills in a fun, froggy way!

How to use This Frog Math Game

Here’s a couple ways you can use this frog printable with your little ones – I’m sure you can come up with a few more!

Catch the Flies – Counting Game

For this game you need to place the lily pad on the floor with the flies around it.

frog math game - counting and number sense

Then, one at a time, choose a frog to jump onto the lily pad and sit there waiting for its supper.

Your child’s job is now to read the number on that frog’s belly and place the correct number of flies next to it on the lily pad.

When they have done it correctly, the full-bellied frog jumps off the lily pad and lets a new frog take its place.

The game carries on until all frogs have been given the correct amount of flies to eat.

Frog Number Ordering Activity

Another thing you could do is to get your children to order the frogs.

For this activity, they’ll have to lay all the frog tiles out in order from 1-10. This will help them develop thier number ordering skills.

If they want to take this to the next level, then you can print off the fly page a few more times (they’ll need 55 flies in total) and they could also lay the correct amount of flies under each frog.

Frog Math Game for Preschoolers and kindergarten - number ordering

This will give them a wonderful chance to practice their number ordering skills as well as improve their number sense as they will be able to see the amounts that the numerals represent all laid out next to each other.

This would also be a great chance for you to explain more and less and ask them lots of questions – which frog has the most? Which one has the least? Who has more this frog or this frog? How many more do they have?

I hope your children enjoy practicing counting with this frog math game – be sure to check back in for more educational and free printables.

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Until next time,

Let’s nurture those neurons!

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Frog Math Game for Preschoolers and kindergarten - catch the flies

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