Printable Road Letters – For Developing Pre-Writing Skills

26 Free Printable Road Letters From A-Z

Here’s a set of A4 road letter cards that your children will love using to practice forming their letters and help develop their pre-writing skills.

If you have a preschooler or kindergartner then these road letters can be a great way to help them start getting used to forming the letter shapes and begin to learn and strengthen those fine motor skills that will really help them to become better writers.

The letters are all lower case because most of the letters the children will come across when beginning to learn to read and write will be lower case.

They can work on the upper case letters once they gain a bit of confidence.

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What Pre-Writing Skills Can Children Learn through using these cards?

pre writing skills - road letters - letter a

Using these road letters can help your child to improve and develop the following pre-writing skills:

  • Hand-eye coordination 
  • Hand and finger strength
  • Hand control
  • Hand dominance
  • Crossing the mid-line
  • Object manipulation
  • Letter formation 

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How To Use The Road Letters

Firstly, you’ll want to download them by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.

Then print them off. You can print them on to paper or card and they are designed to be A4 size.

If you want (and are able to), you can them laminate them so that they will last longer.

That’s it – grab some cars. and let your little learners practice forming the letters while having fun (they won’t even know they’re learning!).

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Practicing letter formation

I hope you find these road letters useful and that they help your little ones to practice and develop their pre-writing skills. 

Download the Road Letters

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I love the fact that you start the set with lower case, you’re absolutely right! You could offer to personalize a set by offering the capital letters of the child’s first and last name for a minimal fee.

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