Elf Symmetry Worksheets (Printable Pack)

Elf Symmetry worksheets - Christmas math printable

Symmetry is a fundamental part of geometry, nature and shapes and it helps children recognize patterns and organize the world they see around them. It encourages your little learners to look more closely at shapes and focus on the different parts that they are made up of. So why not help nurture their little mathematical minds and add these elf Symmetry worksheets to your list of fun and educational Christmas activities.

This pack contains four elf symmetry sheets with varying difficulties. Two have both sides already drawn and your child will just need to ensure both halves are colored the same (great for younger children) – and two are more advanced and require your child to carefully complete the elf by drawing his missing half.

These symmetry worksheets are super easy to prepare (literally just download and print) and can help your children develop some important early math skills.

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What Skills Can Your Children Learn And Practice?


Elf symmetry worksheets - printable Christmas symmetry sheets


When using these elf symmetry worksheets, your children will have the chance to practice and develop some important skills such as:

  • Geometry and Shape – this symmetry sheet will help your children to understand that objects are made up of different shapes and help them to begin classifying them (e.g. both the elf’s body and belt are made of rectangles and his pompom and eyes are circles)
  • Observation – they will have to have good observational skills to ensure they are accurately copying the other half of the picture
  • Hand-eye coordination – to be able to understand what they are seeing and get their hands to go where they want them to go
  • Pencil Control – they can practice their pencil control and develop hand strength through drawing and coloring


How To Prepare These Elf Symmetry Worksheets


This one’s pretty straight forward!

First you’re going to want to download the symmetry worksheets by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.

Once you’ve downloaded them, you’ll need to print them off onto paper.

That’s it you’re done – told you it was easy!

Your children are ready to start developing their symmetry skills!


Christmas symmetry worksheets - printable symmetry sheets of elves



Download the Elf Symmetry Worksheet Pack

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