Cute Easter Color Matching Game (Toddler and Preschool Printable PDF)

Easter Color Matching game for preschool and kindergarten - printable Easter activity

Continuing with some Easter themed printables, I decided to make an Easter color matching game to help develop those color recognition skills and learn the color names.

But wait – oh no! All the Easter bunnies have lost their lovely eggs, and there’s not much time left before Easter so we better get them all back quick!

Now, a little known fact about Easter bunnies is that the color of their bow exactly matches the color of their eggs (that’s lucky) – so it hopefully it won’t be too hard to reunite them with their little lost eggs!


What Skills Can Your Little Ones Learn?


Easter color matching game (preschool pdf download)


For a simple game, there’s actually quite a lot of skills that can be learnt and practiced!

With this Easter color matching game your little ones can develop:

  • Color recognition practice – they will need to look closely at the egg colors, to ensure that they are pairing the bunnies with the correct eggs.
  • Fine motor skills – as they’ll need to be able to pick up the eggs, and hand-eye coordination and hand control as they ensure they are placing them with the right bunny.
  • Speech and language development – If you make sure you are getting them to say the colors when they are matching, it will help the color names become embedded as they associate the name of the color with what it looks like. You can also ask them questions – what else do you know that is green? Can you see anything else in the room which is pink? Where is it? This kind of questioning will keep them engaged and is great for language development as they describe what they are thinking and can see.
  • Patience and persistence – They’ll have to carry on even if they find it tricky at first.

Who’d have thought such a simple game can help your children develop so many skills – that’s the power of play!

How To Prepare This Easter Color Matching Game


First you’re going to want to download the coloring page by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.

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Then, print it out on to paper or card.

Next, cut the pieces out and you’re pretty much good to go.

There’s 8 Easter Bunny cards and 8 matching eggs.

I’d advise laminating them after as it will keep them nice if want to use them again.

Now you’re all set and ready to play!

Some Tips to get Some Extra Language Development In


I mentioned above that these kinds of games can be great for language development as well as color recognition.

Talking about what they can see while they’re playing is always great.

Ask them to think about the colors. What colors can you see? What else in the room is that color? Do you know any animals that have that color on them somewhere?

Ask them about the shapes. What shapes are the bunnies and spots made up of? What else do you know that is that shape?

Talking about shapes can be great to enhance their early math skills as well!

This kind of questioning will keep them engaged and make them think more about what they are doing. It’s also awesome for language development as you ask them to describe the bunnies.


Easter color matching game preschool printable

Download the Easter Color Matching Game

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