Cut And Paste Flower Pattern Worksheet (Printable PDF)

Spring flower patterns - cut and paste preschool worksheet

Get ready to add some flower power to your child’s day with this cut and paste flower pattern worksheet!

Spring has sprung once more! It’s time to put away those heavy winter coats and embrace the sunshine and warmth of the new season. This is the time of year when nature comes alive with buzzing bees, chirping birds and colorful flowers.

But can your little ones work out which of these flowers will be the next to bloom?

Patterns are all around us and and children love to spot them. Patterns can help children understand the world around them, how things change over time, and begin to make predictions.

This pattern worksheet is a great way for young children to practice their scissor, logic and reasoning skills.

There’s AB, AAB, ABB and ABC patterns for them to complete.

If your little learners would enjoy some crafty cutting practice you may want to check out these awesome cut and paste crafts.

What Skills Can Your Little Ones Learn And Develop?

Flower pattern page - cut and paste pattern worksheet for kindergarten Spring theme

This flower pattern worksheet is designed to help your children practice and develop some early skills, such as:

  • Patterns – being able to spot and understand patterns
  • Logic and reasoning skills – using prior knowledge to help them predict what will come next
  • Hand-eye coordination – to be able to understand what they are seeing and use their hands to get the scissors to go where they want them to
  • Hand dominance – developing and strengthening the skill of one of their hands
  • Scissor control – holding the scissors correctly to allow for a fluid range of movement

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How To Prepare The Spring Pattern Worksheet

First you’re going to want to download the pattern sheet by clicking on download button at the bottom of the page.

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Then print it off!

That’s pretty much it for this one – just print it off, grab some scissors and glue and see if your little ones can work out what comes next.

There’s a color and a black and white version so they can color in the flowers if they want:

Black and white flower patterns for kindergarten - cutting worksheet

They’ll need to carefully cut out the boxes at the bottom of the page, then use their reasoning skills to complete the patterns correctly.


And here’s some more floral learning:


Spring pattern worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

Download the Flower Pattern Worksheet

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