Beginning Sounds Sorting Worksheets (OCK) – Cut and Stick

Beginning sound phonics worksheets - cut and sort the initial sound activity for kindergarten O C K

Want to help you little ones practice their early phonics skills? Look no further than these beginning sounds sorting worksheets for O, C and K! There’s a worksheet for each sound included in the pack.

Learning to read and write is a crucial milestone for young children, and developing strong phonics skills is an important part of that journey.

Phonics is the study of the sounds that letters make, and it is a fundamental aspect of early literacy education.

With these worksheets, we’ll be focusing on letters O, C and K, and exploring words that begin with these letters.

Your little ones will need to carefully cut out the pictures at the bottom, then stick them in the left hand box if decide if they do begin with the focus letter or the right if they do not.

This kindergarten phonics activity is great for helping your little ones to recognize what the different letters look like and start segmenting and listening for the beginning sounds in words.

The pictures included are:

For o:

  • octopus
  • otter
  • ostrich
  • orange

For c:

  • castle
  • cat
  • cow
  • cake

For k:

  • key
  • king
  • kite
  • kangaroo

And this activity not only helps children develop their phonics skills but also their fine motor and cutting skills as they practice cutting and neatly sticking down the pictures.

What Skills Can Your Little Ones Learn And Develop?


initial sounds sorting - segmenting practice for kids - cutting worksheets (6)

These beginning sounds worksheets are designed to help your children practice and develop their early reading skills, such as:

  • Segmenting – this is the ability to breakdown and hear the different sounds (phonemes) in a word
  • Letter recognition – knowing what the written form (graphemes) of the sounds look like

These are important skills taught during phonics lessons and can help your children take some of their first steps on the path to becoming fluent readers.

Through cutting they can also develop:

  • Hand dominance – developing and strengthening the skill of one of their hands
  • Cutting skills – as they neatly cut out the pictures
  • Crossing the mid-line – this is the ability to cross the imaginary line running down the center of your body – it means they won’t have to switch hands if they want to cut out pictures on the other side of the page

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beginning sounds peg cards for preschool and kindergarten phonics - initial sounds

How To Prepare These Beginning Sounds Sorting Worksheets (OCK)


phonics worksheets - beginning sounds sorting o,c,k - cutting skills - kindergarten

This one’s pretty straight forward!

First you’re going to want to download and print the phonics worksheets by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.

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Grab some scissors and glue and you’re good to go!

That’s it, your little ones are now ready to practice their segmenting skills and start identifying those initial sounds.

Simply encourage them to segment (breakdown the word into its phonemes – it might help to use fingers for each sound they can hear) and listen carefully for that first sound. Once they’ve cut out the picture and worked out that initial sound, they just need to stick it the correct box. 


Download the Sounds Sorting Worksheets (OCK)

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