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Here at Nurtured Neurons we make awesome activities you can print off for your little learners at home or in school and help them develop those all important skills. 

If you work with children, then you can instantly access our entire library of super engaging, high quality activities for the classroom with no hassle and amazing value!

If you’re a parent, carer or grandparent, they’re a great way to spend some quality time with your children and help them get ready for, or practice and reinforce the skills they’re learning at school.

Plus there’s more awesome activities added each month.

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All Our Activities Have Been Designed To Be Fun, Engaging And To Nurture Your Little Learners' Developing Skills

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The Activities

The activities here at Nurtured Neurons are designed to help your children learn and develop the skills they’ll need as they grow such as:


The reading activities have been created to help your little ones confidently make the first steps on their reading journey!

Phonics Printables and activities for kids
Beginning Sounds Printables, games, activities and printable worksheets for kindergarten and preschool

Phonics Skills

Developing skills such as sounding out, blending and segmenting along with tips on how to get the most out of the activities

Letter Recognition

Being able to recognize different letter shapes, know what they’re called and associate the letter sounds with them

Letter Matching Printables, games, activities and printable worksheets
Counting Printables Activities for preschool and kindergarten


Activities, games and worksheets to practice and develop important early math skills like counting, number recognition and building number sense

Number Order

Being able to count and work out which number would come next in a sequence

Number Sequencing Printables and puzzles
Number Tracing Worksheets and Printables for Number Formation

Number Formation

Writing is hard when you’re starting out, so there’s tracing sheets and other activities to help your little learners practice forming numbers


Learning all about the different shapes and how they can go together to form different shapes

Shape Printables and Shape identification games for toddlers and preschoolers


It can take a lot of practice to become a great writer, so you want the process to be fun and engaging!

Letter Formation

Worksheets and other activities to make practicing letter formation fun!

Tracing Sheets

Tracing lines can be a great way to develop hand-eye coordination, hand and finger strength, pencil control and crossing the midline

Arts and Crafts

There’s loads of crafts here to have fun with your children and let their creativity run wild!

Printable Arts And Crafts
Cut and Paste Crafts Printables

Cut and Paste

Loads of cute cut and paste crafts and sheets to help hone those fine motor skills

Coloring Pages

Great for relaxation and developing pencil control and creativity

Printable Games and other fun activities for kids


Children learn best when they’re playing and engaged in what they’re doing so there’s loads of colorful, fun games that they are bound to enjoy!

Printable Puzzles

Put their problem solving skills to the test with fun puzzles

Printable Puzzles for kids
Printable Shadow Matching Game for toddlers and preschoolers

Matching Games ​

Matching games are a great way to develop visual discrimination skills – which are very important when it comes to reading

I Spy​

These sheets are a super way to practice visual scanning and counting

Printable I spy worksheets for kids - preschool and kindergarten

Playdough Mats

Playdough is a great way to develop hand strength as well as get creative and a little messy!

Some Examples of the Activities

Here’s a small selection of some of the activities available – there’s math games, phonics games, flash cards, crafts, tracing sheets, coloring pages, playdough mats and much more!

Theme it up!

It’s so important for your little learners to be enthusiastic about their learning – what better way than including cute and colorful themes that they already love. Below is just a few of our most popular themes:


From the bottom of the ocean to the deep, dark woods you're bound to find some animals your little ones will love!


Stomp, stomp, stomp - I think there may be some dinos about


All aboard for some planes, trains and automobiles!


Avast me hearties - it's time to sail the seven seas!



Blast off with some awesome space themed activities


Because all children love superheroes, right?


From unicorns and fairies to witches, wizards and more!


Perfect for some Halloween themed learning - but don't worry, they're pretty cute really!

What People Are Saying

“We're so happy with our daughter's learning she's doing thanks to her motivation, dedication and the amazing material from Nurtured Neurons“
Eugenia P
“My son loves the printables, he loves all the themes there are!“
Sachi d.
“My kids love the crafts. Thanks“
Brittany D.
“Thank you for the print outs - they're adorable“
Breanne C
I recently found your website and it has some wonderful resources!! This printable is great and my little guy is super excited to play it.
Evie R.
“This is cool I especially like that you explain how this will help the child in their growth so its not only fun but a learning and growing experience.“
Jiselle J.

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Children of all ages can use the printables here and no one should be put off from using one because they think they might be too old or young for your little learners. If you think your children will benefit from, or enjoy the activity, then go for it! All children develop different skills at different ages.

Of course it does – but I would say that wouldn’t I? For less than $2.50 (around £1.85 at time of writing) a month, you get instant access to download as many activities as you want from this site. To think of it another way, if you only used 2 activities a week, each awesome activity would only cost about 30 cents! Considering these kind of activities would be individually priced anywhere between $2-$15, you can potentially save an awful lot! And the more you download, the better value it is.

Nope, as long as you still have an active membership, you can download as many activities as you want and print off as many copies as you like!

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