A newborn child has around 100 billion mostly unlinked neurons. During the first 3 years of their life, connections between these neurons are rapidly made and by the end of just the first year the child’s brain more closely resembles that of an adult to a newborn (Chugani 1999).

Welcome esteemed guests and casual passersby,

My name is Ash and I am the proud father of a 1 year old boy. I have a degree in Biological Sciences and am a teaching assistant at an outstanding school in England.

My little boy constantly amazes me with all the new skills he learns and how quick he is to learn them, how funny he is, how brilliant his smile is and well… everything!

He is the main reason I have created this blog. I want to understand how he learns and develops and what I can do to nurture that. Which parent wouldn’t?

Thanks to my degree – the hours and hours of research – I am used to reading lots of scientific reports and extracting from them important and relevant information (it can be hard sometimes and although often interesting, not always a lot of fun).

My time as a teaching assistant has given me lots of hands-on experience of being around children. Everyday, I get to see how they play, socialise and how they learn. I get to teach them as well!

Now that I am a parent, I get to see all the other stuff too. How he’s changed from a baby into toddler – with character and personality and so much energy. How he eats and sleeps. How he copies what I do and how quickly he is developing.

This blog will explore how children develop – with a scientific focus. I will use my experience and knowledge to write posts which cover all elements of a child’s development. From brain development and motor skills to eating and play.

I want to help my little one develop as well as he possibly can and hopefully I can help yours as well!

Let’s nurture those neurons (altogether now)!

Let's nurture those neurons!
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