8 Awesome Planet Coloring Pages (Printable Coloring Booklet)

printable planet coloring page for kids preschool kindergarten space themed pdf


Here’s another space themed printable – 8 awesome planet coloring pages, all the planets of our Solar System (sorry Pluto – you just don’t cut it anymore!).

I’m a big fan of learning about space – there’s just so much we don’t yet know, and I know a lot of children love the mystery of it all too – there’s just soooo much we still have to discover!

This coloring pack contains all the planets of our Solar System, so after they’ve finished coloring them all in, why not get them to try and put them in order starting with the closest to the sun. The order is: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. This can help them to get a little Solar System knowledge in as well!

And if you want to do a little research first, so that you can teach them more about our part of the universe, NASA have an awesome site, with a great map of the Solar System, 3D planets they can move around, and some super facts!

These coloring pages could also be great to use as templates for planetary crafts or as a fun activity for anyone having a space themed party.

If your little ones love coloring, you can check out more cool coloring pages here.

What Skills Can Your kids Learn When Coloring?

Planet coloring Pages - earth coloring - printable coloring sheets pdf


Now you may not think it, but there’s actually quite a lot of skills that can be practiced and developed when your children are happily coloring away.

These space coloring pages can help your children practice and develop their writing skills, such as:

  • Hand-eye coordination – to be able to understand what they are seeing and get their hands to go where they want them to go
  • Hand and finger strength – the ability to be able to apply enough pressure to make marks on the page and hold the pencil firmly
  • Hand dominance – developing and strengthening the skill of one of their hands
  • Crossing the mid-line – this is the ability to cross the imaginary line running down the center of your body – it means they won’t have to switch hands if they want to color on the other side of the page
  • Pencil control – holding the pencil correctly to allow for a full and fluid range of movement

These are all vital skills that will set them up to be brilliant at writing in the future! But let’s not forget:

  • Creativity – coloring is a great way to promote a child’s creativity. Will they stick to traditional planetary colors or will their planets be bright multicolored alien worlds? Will they add a spacey background complete with shooting stars and maybe even a cheeky alien or two?


Coloring pages can also be great for children’s focus when they’re trying their hardest to stay in the lines, and I’m sure as anyone out there who’s ever picked up an ‘adult’ coloring book – they can also be a great way to relax and have a moment of calm.

How To Prepare These Planet Coloring Pages


Earth coloring page - planets of our solar system coloring sheets for kids - printable pdf

First you need to download them by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.

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I’d advise printing them double sided if you want to make them into a booklet but you could also just pick and choose individual pages if you’d prefer.

If you print them all out, you could then staple them to make a space coloring booklet to keep them all together.

That’s pretty much it – just need to grab some pencils, pens or crayons and they’re good to go!

How you could use these Planet coloring pages


You can obviously just give your little learners the coloring pages and let them crack on. It’s good to just let them experiment sometimes and marvel at what they can create.

So now they’ve colored in the planets and they’re looking amazing! How about adding in their own background? Maybe have a look at some space scenes in a book or online for inspiration.

Give them a blank piece of paper and see if they can use them as inspiration and make their own space scene.

Or forget the pencils and crayons altogether and crack out the paints and let them practice brush control while carefully painting them. Carefully flicking white paint by rubbing a finger along the bristles of a brush can be a great way to make a cool galaxy effect!


They could also use the coloring sheets as templates for spacey crafts. They’d be great to do some collaging with. Just rip up some tissue or colored paper, get out the glue and get sticking.

You could also add small pompoms for stars, pipe cleaners for Saturn’s rings, and even buttons for craters. Or you could go outside and scavenge some natural materials. Small red stones would look great on Mars, or how about a little sand?

If you print them 8 to a page and cut them out after they have colored / decorated them, you could them stick them onto a spacey background, in order, to create the whole Solar System!

There’s so much you could do with them so let them get creative and have fun!


8 Planet coloring pages for kids - space coloring booklet printable pdf

Download the Planet Coloring Pages

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