60 Printable CVC Word Flashcards – a Words (With Sound Buttons)

Printable CVC flashcards for short a sound - Kindergarten reading resource

Here’s another phonics printable – 60 CVC word flashcards for the ‘a’ words. These have sound buttons.

Your little ones will be able to use these phonics cards to practice their flourishing reading skills!

CVC stands for consonant – vowel – consonant, and CVC words are easy words that your children will be able to sound out and blend as they begin to learn to read.

This pack contains 60 different a word CVC cards with sound buttons.

Sound buttons are the little dots, circles or lines underneath the individual graphemes to help the children see how the words are segmented.

You can them help them but touching each sound button and saying the sound before blending them all together to read the word.

What Skills Can Your Little Ones Learn And Develop?

printable cvc flashcards for a words - shot a words with  sound button reading cards

These short a flashcards are designed to help your children practice and develop their early reading skills, such as:

  • Segmenting – this is the ability to breakdown and hear each sound in a word.
  • Sounding out – this is saying the different sounds that the written letters make, one sound at a time.
  • Blending – the ability to put the different sounds of a word together to be able to correctly say the word.
  • Letter recognition – recognizing the written form of the letters

These are important skills taught during phonics lessons and help your children take some of their first steps on the path to becoming fluent readers.

How To Prepare These Printable CVC Flash Cards for the ‘a’ Words

This one’s pretty straight forward!

First you’re going to want to download the cards by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.

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Once you’ve downloaded them, you’ll need to print the pages off onto paper or card.

Then cut them out.

Once they’re all cut out, I’d advise laminating them to keep them looking nice and so you can use them over and over.

After that you’re all done!

Your children are ready to start practicing their early reading skills!

How To Use These CVC Cards

printable cvc flashcards for a words - early phonics resource with sound buttons


To practice sounding out and blending, you can simply point to each sound button and get your children to say the sounds as you go.

When you get to the end, it’s time to blend those sounds together to make the word.

I hope you find these useful and they help your little learners take some big strides on their learning journey!


CVC flashcards a words for kindergarten with sound buttons - printable pdf

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