26 Beginning Sounds Clip Cards (Phonics Activity For LJVWYZQ)

Beginning sounds Clip cards (LJVWYZQ) for preschool and kindergarten phonics activities

These cute clip cards are a lovely way to help practice and develop those phonics skills.

There’s 4 cards for each letter – l, j, v, w, y and z, and 2 for q. I use the digraph qu for these cards as this is almost always how your little learners will encounter q at the beginning of words.

To use these phonics cards, your little ones will need to segment the picture’s word to hear just the initial sound – then use their letter recognition skills to choose the correct letter.

The pictures included are:

For l:

  • lion
  • lamp
  • lemon
  • leaf

For j:

  • jellyfish
  • jumprope
  • jam
  • jar

For v:

  • volcano
  • vacuum cleaner
  • vase
  • violin

For w:

  • watch
  • whale
  • wand
  • witch

For y:

  • yarn
  • yacht
  • yo-yo
  • yolk

For z:

  • zebra
  • zero
  • zip
  • zig zag

And for q (qu):

  • queen
  • question mark

Not only do they get to practice their phonics and letter recognition with these cards, the squeezing of clothespins is also a wonderful way to develop their fine motor skills (and maybe to get in a bit of practice for helping to hang out the washing!)

These clip cards are also very simple to prepare, just print off, cut out (and laminate if you want) then spread out on a table with some clothespins – done!

So why not grab these phonics clip cards and help them become better readers!

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What Skills Can Your Children Learn And Practice?

Preschool peg cards - kindergarten phonics printable clip cards L,J,V,W,Y,Z,Q

While using these phonics clip cards your children will have the chance to practice and develop some early skills such as:

  • Segmenting – this is the ability to breakdown and hear each sound in a word.
  • Letter recognition – recognizing the written form of the letters
  • Fine motor skills – they will have to be able to pick up and squeeze the pegs and align it it with the correct number whilst holding the card
  • Hand Strength – squeezing those pegs is great for developing hand and finger strength

How To Prepare These LJVWYZQ Clip Cards

phonics clip cards for letter recognition and fine motor skills

This one’s pretty straight forward!

First you’re going to want to download the clip cards by clicking on the download box at the bottom of the page.

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Once you’ve downloaded them, you’ll need to print them off onto paper or card.

Then, you can cut them out.

Once they’re all cut out, I’d strongly advise laminating them to keep them looking nice so your little learners can use them again and to ensure that they are strong enough for the pegs to clip to without ripping them.

After that you’re all done!

Just grab some pegs, spread the cards out on a table and see if your children can can correctly identify the initial sounds of each picture.

initial sounds phonics activity - beginning sounds clip cards ljvqwyz


Download the LJVWYZQ Clip Cards

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